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It was a legitimate experince.

Katharsis J
6 June
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I'm usually in that space between ridiculously hung-over and half-asleep. Also, I live on the top floor of a crappy university residence. Rain is my favourite weather. I can eat a whole tub of ice cream in an hour. I like to eat cookie dough until I'm sick. Freezies are delicious, and I haven't eaten since four o'clock yesterday. I plan to spend my retirement in a small, semi-rundown house with a big porch across the road from a highschool. In the morning I will sit in a rocking chair on said porch and shout well meaning, but ultimately useless advice to the children passing by on their way to school. Then I will take the bus to the movie theater (for free because I will legally be a senior citizen), watch movies and eat popcorn (at discounted prices) until two o'clock. Then I will ride the bus all the way back to my home and feed my many cats, and sit back on the rocking chair just in time for school to be let out so I can shout some more. I will make myself dinner, eat and clean up, then go to bed early, wake up the next morning, and repeat until death.